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Lawd knows that's the daughters & too many yrs spent with a immature, irrational, silly ass BOY!

because it always will

This is for another one of my fat ass fans! You cheated on your husband Kirk with his best friend Terry (Gillian's husband). He will find out one day, KARMA bitch.


An apology means nothing if they don't stop doing what they are apologizing for. Believe ACTION, not words. -Mandy Hale Photo: An apology means nothing i.

quote for 2012

I'm making some changes in my life, If you don't hear anything from me, YOU are one of them.

When a girl cries saying

"When a girl cries,it's not usually over one thing. It's built up anger & emotions that she's been holding in for too long"

Haha some days. Some people say to me "you've changed. what happened?" And all I can say is, how fucking far back do you want me te go?


That's for sure some funny quote . The best way is to walk away and move on with someone that appreciate everything you do for them .