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Ford´s fantastic V Neck!!! (by saisai-chan on tumblr) #GravityFalls #Ford #Mabel

saisai-chan: “ saisai-chan: “ the foreshadowing in this show is on another level just look at how similar those outfits are ” apparently people want to see Ford in a v-neck, so here you go ” w-neck:.


miss-dahia: Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst ♥ Steven Universe is one of my favourite shows ever and I finally had the time to make a fan art!

"The Crystal Gems and their Steven

"The Crystal Gems and their Steven

I think these paintings of little Steven growing up with the Gems are adorable!---realistic Steven actually looks like a old friend of mine

Garnet vs Jasper

Steven Universe: Big Meaty Claws by prpldragonart on DeviantArt