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Earrings - Jaunty £2.50

Light weight earrings wooden beads in the middle, acrylic beads either side

Earrings Tia £3.00

Earrings Tia

These dangle earrings are acrylic beads in blue and cream spaced with tiny metal silver beads onto silver plated ear wires.

Earrings - a few shades of grey! £4.30

Earrings - a few shades of grey

These earrings are quite heavy, they are made of Pyrite and smaller petrol tone beads then the earrings are on to black ear wires Please note these earrings are quite heavy Thank you for looking

Ankle Bracelet Rainbow Colours  £6.00

Ankle Bracelet Rainbow Colours

Beautiful rainbow anklet This ankle bracelet is in sterling silver and has acrylic beads in colours of the rainbow on it.

Brooch Elizabeth Bathony  £7.99

Brooch Elizabeth Bathony

Inspired by Elizabeth Bathony who used the blood of virgins to keep her youth, this blood red brooch is made of acrylic beads on a gun metal grey metal background.

Earrings Sunrise  £4.50

Earrings Sunrise with orange and yellow beads

Earrings Sunrise £4.50

Earrings Chocolate Bubbles  £3.70

Deep rich brown beads spaced by clear bubbly beads on gold plated ear wires.

Earrings Apple Blush £3.50

Earrings Apple Blush £3.50

Earrings Totally Purple £2.50

Earrings Totally Purple

Acrylic purple beads spaced with gold coloured metal beads on gold coloured findings.

Earrings Again I say purple £3.20

Earrings Again I say purple

Drop / dangle earrings in purple beads and spaced with tiny silver metal spacer beads on dark coloured ear wires.