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The black bear's range extends across the United States.

The Cruel Black Bear Hunt Has Begun In Florida on Sunday, after just two days of hunting killed 295 bears across the

A closer look at the frightening and majestic fur ball.

In the Wild: North American Bears - Animals - GRIT Magazine

Black bears have wandered into our yard to seek out bird seed from our bird feeders. One of the bird feeders that we have is 6 feet off of the ground; standing on its back legs, the bear towers over the feeder. On more than one occasion, the bear has bent the 1 inch steel pipe that is underneath the feeder. The best way to discourage bears from coming into one's yard, is to take bird feeders down, and store trash indoors. Also, if you see a bear, keep your distance; show respect.

Photograph Black Bear (Ursus americanus) - USA by Anaspides Photography - Iain D.

Portrait Of Black Bear Minnesota Summer Photograph

Portrait Of Black Bear Minnesota Summer DigitalNnot Captive Canvas Art - Calvin Hall Design Pics x