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cute idea for couples or best friends, phone pics match together like a BFFE heart necklace would fit together!

Couple idea: His & Her's cell phone backgrounds of their couple pictures split to see the significant other; when the phones are set next to each other it is the whole/entire/original picture - So Cute!

If there is one thing on this earth that I feel passionately enough about to spend the rest of my life thinking, talking, and writing about, it is the concept of Relationship Goals. You know, those pictures and illustrations of conventionally attractive, heterosexual cis couples that one is supposed to see, take note of their apparent attractiveness, heterosexuality, and cis-gender privilege and decide that all of this is worth enough to become a legitimate goal.

18 Dumb Relationship Goals That Will Make You Angry AF

My weakness. Lol @aniyahhawkins

so true tho but when a girl does it she is not playing cause she hates you then.

Throwback Thursday when we first went apartment shopping for university z‍‍

Couple Posts💏 Relationship & lots of love💕 ask // couple // others // insta in my heart ♡.