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normally I don't say this, but this seriously blew my mind. They hate him and have no idea why, so they blame the magic.

Harry potter

Best Starbucks ever! You know, to get rid of the dementors

Fans seem to bring back Harry Potter with every opportunity the can get. This sign at Starbucks is brilliant. It's hilarious and I know as a Harry Potter fan myself, I'm tempted to go into this Starbucks and buy something off the menu.

First, this. Is. AWESOME. Second, it's kinda ironic about the idiotic muggle girl who fell in love with a werewolf because in the new beauty and the beast, Hermione [Emma Watson] plays belle so....

Life hack

This was funny when it was just the stories. And then it was the Malfoys and Draco had a stuffed snake and it was hilarious.

What If Hermione Was The Main Character?

What If Hermione Was The Main Character

If Hermione Were The Main Character In “Harry Potter” (Part 1 Of don't hate me for these long ass pins please<<<<this is quite literally the best thing ever

If Hermione Were The Main Character In “Harry Potter” (Part 3 Of 5)

If Hermione Were The Main Character In “Harry Potter” (Part 3 Of 5)

If Patriarchy is there in the Wizarding World, it can be here in our world, the HUMAN world. Equal rights for males AND females.


Disney NA - Narnia: It all makes sense now.Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders, and Lucy found Narnia first. I knew it all the time.

Which would you press?Me:either wizard or demigod,or both.......AT THE SAME TIME!

well I love the hunger games, but I wouldn't want to be a tribute. lol, so I choose Vampire or divergent :)

harry potter how it should have ended - YouTube

Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort hilariously discuss why they weren& nominated at the Oscars

hahaha...  @Chloe Bruderer @Emily Peterson

This would be cute if it was turned into a crafty little sign and put above the guest bathroom toilet.