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<b>"I would've realized my bisexuality a lot sooner if I'd watched Buffy when I was younger."</b>

21 Insightful Confessions About Bisexuality

21 Insightful Confessions About Bisexuality. "Never fall for the straight girl"

Instead of a closet, bisexuals come out of a Narnia wardrobe "Cause when they come out, no one believes them or the things they experienced." - Quote From Recite.com #RECITE #QUOTE

Soulliere in regards to the Pop Culture/Narnia reference. Another quote that deals with the stereotypes and stigma attached to the Bisexual community.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Convicted murders sitting in jail are allowed to marry, but not gay couples. Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

Free and Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Is it just me or is every elementary teacher convinced they have contracted lice daily August-June?

When it comes to flirting, sometimes even your best game won’t be enough. | 14 Harsh Lessons All Lesbians Learn In The Dating World

When it comes to flirting, sometimes even your best game won't be enough.

The one that looks more male is really cute

"My sister is a lesbian and I'm gay but our parents are very conservative, so she 'dates' my bf and I 'date' her gf, so if they stay over, they stay in opposite rooms, but jokes on my parents." I love this except for the parents part.