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Bumble bee arrow frog or yellow-banded poison dart frog )Dendrobates leucomelas), native to Peru.

Bumble Bee Arrow Frog (Yellow-banded Poison Dart Frog) - Dendrobates Leucomelas - Native to Peru

Blue Poison Dart Frog

My son breeds reptiles. He's bred a rare dart frog and got to name it. Blue Poison Dart Frog (South America) by LifeInMacro

Manu Poison Frog (Ameerega macero)

Male poison arrow frog (Dendrobates macero) by pbertner. a frog by the common name does exist but in these colours, get real

This frog dressed up like a strawberry!

30+ Weirdest Animal Photo Manipulations

strawberry frog ~ species of small amphibian poison dart frog found in Central America - NOT! This isn't the real strawberry frog!

15 Poison Dart Frogs http://chefleez.com Thailand's #1 cooking school in Bangkok.

Real Monstrosities: 15 Poison Dart Frogs Reference image for felting

The life cycle of poison dart frogs explained by our Rain Forest Curator Ken Howell!

We have 16 species of poison dart frogs in our Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit! Learn more about the dart frog's complex life cycle.

Reticulated Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates reticulatus) on tree trunk, Iquitos, Peru

Orange and Black Poison-dart Frog (Phyllobates vittatus), Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Rainforest Animal Painting Poison Dart Frog Panama - 3.95817                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rainforest Animal Painting Poison Dart Frog Panama - 3.95817

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