The Chocolate Brown shade is gorgeous and rich, just like the dessert it was named after. This shade has red and golden undertones. Instantly transform your hair with Chocolate Brown clip-in Luxy Hair

auburn mahogany brown hair color

From deep reddish browns to warm gingers, the variety of auburn hair colors at your disposal is endless! This collection of auburn hues is sure to inspire you to go red.

Balayage / highlights on brown / brunette hair.

Like the face framing color - Balayage / highlights on brown / brunette hair.


When I was a child and I had to be punished, I had to say "I'm sorry !" to whoever was punishing me . I've been very naughty !" again because I'm going to be punished again ! Someone should punish me !

For the next time I get brave enough to make a change to my hair!

Love this hair color. Auburn and golden blonde foils throughout on a brown base with a hint of violet. Good color for Molly