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I mean...adorable by Suba

it's funny how much i adore all these party photos of milk jugs and striped straws when i pretty much hate to drink milk

handmade necklace with vintage brass lock and key on an aged brass chain. Chain is 30 long and comfortably fits overhead without having to unclasp it.

Lock and key

There is a chest that has a hole for the locket. She puts the locket in the hole and uses the key to unlock it.

have you ever tried RHUBARB MOJITO? #mojito #summer #rhubarb

out of africa (reader request)

Food photograph Pastel candy colours kitchen art by LolasRoom

Three general pins relating to your dream job - I dream of owning a cute boutique where you can buy handmade stuff as well as candy and icecream. It should look like a vintage candy store.

Lemonade with a twist!  Boozy Lemonade

Boozy Lemonade

Boozy Lemonade Inspired by the Lynchberg Lemonade at The Fringe Bar in Paddington

Here Are 13 Amazing Low Carb Foods For Your Diet -  One should try to keep a balance between the kinds of food they consume. Listed below are suggestions on some low carb foods low on ... #lowcarbfood | #lowcarbdiet

Low Carb Diet: What To Eat, Advantages, And Disadvantages

Green Citrus Smoothie : 1 large bunch/bag of organic baby spinach (stems and all), 4 peeled whole oranges, 1 cup of raspberries, cup of ice, 2 bananas and about cup of fruit juice (mango puree is awesome) or water. Pack it all in and give it a whirl