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Oh, You Thought It Was Just Us? 14 Of The Most Ratchet White People On T.V.

Maddie Jordan and autumn your on the team (waiting for Kenzie's audition)~Abby

Mackenzie you have a solo called New Romantics it's an acro. It will be going head to head with Maddie solo it's a lyrical called little do you know.   For duets we have Brynn and Kendall with lost boy will they get lost I don't know it's a lyrical!  And another duet also going head to head Kalani and Jaycee close its contemporary are they close enough to do this pence maybe~Abby

Auditions start now if you do your audition late you have to ask me! You have to do 2 dance moves and 1 dance or 4 dance mives~Abby

Bonus Abby Lee Dance Company Photos 2

I remember this episode Madie gave this to Hannah a girl who had brain surgery when she was 2 Madie is so nice and kind