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Rory Gallagher's 1961 Fender Stratocaster                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Vintage 1961 Fender Stratocaster ~ This is Rory Gallaghers famous battered Strat!

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1962 ES 335. We are the same age.

1962 ES a gibson ES 335 was the same type of guitar of BB kings "lucille" man this thing can sing

RigiD True Burst - DasViken guitars

RigiD True Burst - DasViken guitars

1962 Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar (Vintage)

1962 Fender Telecaster - Towering and Tuneful. - Anyone who knows me knows the 62 tele (with a bridge mod) is my all time favorite guitar

Vintage 60's Kawai Teisco Style Japanese Guitar Modded by Joey Vox

Vintage 60's kawai/teisco style japanese guitar modded by joey vox

Vintage Early '60s Hagstrom BLUE Bass Guitar ! Round Pole PUs- I'd say different

The bass strings are much thicker and the frets are farther apart so there are some things you should know.

1960s Hagstrom 1...I used to have a red one, like this one. David Bowie had one, I discovered along the way. The pickups were too low powered and couldn't really record with it properly so I ended up letting it go to a friend who then sold it. When I see pictures of these things, I'm struck with a pang of seller's remorse but even if I had it today I wouldn't use it so...

Hagstrom 1 Electric Guitar VINTAGE 1960's red