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A Social Story about personal space. Great for children with additional needs such as Autism.

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Social Story- Keep My Hands to Myself. For students with Autism, Early Elementary, or Special Education.

Social Skills for Students with Autism

Social skills for students with Autism is hard to teach, but a must have! Here are 4 strategies to teach vocational social skills.

Social stories help a person with autism understand how others might behave or respond in a particular situation.

SOCIAL STORY - Being Kind to my friends - (Kindergarten/Autism)

A good stress reliever stress management for students,ways to prevent stress acute anxiety disorder,is anxiety common music for relaxation and stress relief.

Personal Space social story

Keeping My Hands to Myself

personal space - Triston loves to hug strangers...trying to get her out of this...but she's so loving.

Who Can I Kiss social story for autism

Social story for respecting personal space bubbles

Keeping My Hands to Myself

No Fingers In My Nose Social Story

Carrie's Speech Corner: Baseline Data ~ Start of School Activities

Social Skills are so important!    Calling all Special Education teachers, Speech Therapists, Regular Education teachers, School Counselors, and Inclusive Classroom teachers! These Social Stories are perfect for reinforcing appropriate social skills in regular education students, students with autism, and students with ADHD.

It Is Okay Not To Be First (A Social Story)

Social Skills are so important! Calling all Special Education teachers…

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Perso

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Personal Space Set

Visual Social Story Packet for Children with Autism: Perso

Free, printable "folder stories." Simple one page social stories that teach appropriate social skills and behavior.

Free "folder stories--" simple, one -page social stories that teach appropriate social skills and behavior.

Engage your students with this quality, LEGO social story on personal space. Social stories help students understand social norms and expectations and they MUST be simple, direct, and have meaning to the student. This quality Lego social story helps students understand social rules in a fun, meaningful way that makes sense to them.

Use this LEGO Personal Space Social Story to increase social understanding re…

Behaviour management using social stories. Behavior stories for teaching expectations in the kindergarten, prep or early childhood classroom.

Behaviour Management using Social Stories

Tips for surviving the first week of school as a Prep teacher. Simple and effective ideas to start your year off with a bang!

Personal Space Social Story PRINT

Personal Space Social Story (teacher and classmates - arm length away)

All About Personal Space For The Classroom and For Kids - Understanding personal space can be difficult for some children. This resource includes activities to help children learn how to identify personal space. This classroom resource is great for students with autism. This is a great resource for children from Teachers Pay Teachers!

Interactive Notebook - Personal Space

This Interactive Notebook lesson is a great activity to use with children when teaching them about respecting the personal space of others. This is a great activity for primary students, special education students, children with autism, or while helping k

A Social Story: Personal Space (video)

There’s nothing more awkward than having some part of your body grazed by someone you don’t know very well. The concept of personal space is an interesting one. It varies from region to region, from culture to culture, from person to person.

A social story to support students who have difficulties regulating their emotions. There are 4 'mini' pages. Great for teaching self control.

We all have those students who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors. Simply telling my students not to yell, scream, kick or throw things wasn’t really having any impact.