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Bamon -- anyone else notice just how very happy Damon was to see BonBon?

"The Vampire Diaries" - Damon and Bonnie my favorite scene of the season!

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Reverse Falls Alternate Universe by gibblycat Go read this right now! Best AU ever!

Man I really need to write this fanfic all the Gravity Falls characters and their alternate personalities together

OK this is an Gravity falls AU designed by my own, and I named it "Fight Falls" In this universe, Mabel and Dipper are 12 years old as well, but they are F*cking good at fight, they .<<not me

Midnightfuckingmayor-tumblr http://midnightfuckingmayor.tumblr.com/post/141632484566/im-a-total-sucker-for-fics-where-harry-is-dark

This creeps me out because it is so accurate and possible. I hate it and I love it

Reverse Falls: Mabel Rises (Page 13, end) by RiaFire on DeviantArt

Mabel loves to make others suffer, especially if it is rich boys that surround her everyday with requests to be her boyfriend. The ironic scene depicting Rev. Mabel's attitude to her potentia.

How ya feelin?

How ya feelin?

Relativity Falls - Is not what she seems

(Dont you punch her Dip.)<< Relativity Falls- An AU where Ford and Stan switch places with Dipper and Mabel<<< woah

"That's a nice name". This precious baby is too pure!

stevenuniverse, bismuth, steven The fourth wall had been broken


Another AU no one asked for, but Gravity Falls and Night Vale fans would love LIKE ME