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Lustiger Picdump #33 #6

Too much walking - time for a nap! LOL reminds me of my basset

Baby's first bath

"Baby's first bath. I don't think she'll ever recover." Oh my gosh. CUTEST THING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!///what a sweet baby face! poor little thing! better watch it mommy! she might melt!

I remember babysitting a young Bassett hound for several days. My 3 kids played  with her and gave her so much love and attention that when they came back to pick her up...Rosey wanted to stay with us.  Amazing.  Dogs know! :)

This is a Basset Hound. You did know that this was a purebred dog I assume. Now You criticize us for having a purebred dog.

I love dogs!  They make the world a better place.

Funny pictures about God's Best Friend. Oh, and cool pics about God's Best Friend. Also, God's Best Friend photos.

Cleared for takeoff !

Oh my Gosh, this is the cutest Bassett I have EVER seen. What a beauty.