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Niall Horan

Niall Horan at his match for an Irish autism awareness charity where he raise pounds

Please limit what you throw on stage! and if you cant do that make sure that it wont hurt if i hit you outside the head with it

Niall recently posted: "I was in so much pain after the show. I love all of you but plz don't throw stuff at me or the other fellas. I hope you understand that I'm not mad at any of you but I would appreciate it if you would not throw stuff.

Niall Horan looking sexy as ever and rocking an awesome new hairstyle gosh i love him


See normal peopple see this and are all like "aww our sexy leprechaun" while I'm over here like 'PAUL YOU AWESOME PHOTOBOMBER YOU ADOPT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the serious face Niall? I heart you Niall Horan xx

heard it at their concert :) best thing EVVEERR!!!!! hes such a cutie<3

Hear Niall laugh in person [✔] he laughed at the concert and OMG my ovaries, in person his laugh is even more beautiful