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Zelda Fitzgerald - 1929 mY #fave book Tender is the Night was written about her breakdown-

Zelda Fitzgerald, sister of Scott Fitzgerald, traveller of Europe, author and cat lover.

Maurice Chevalier and feline actor “Puzzums,” photographed by Orville Logan Snider 1925

Men with cats. Maurice Chevalier and feline actor “Puzzums,” both wearing the singer's trademark boater. Photographed by Orville Logan Snider ca.

edith head (& betty white).  Edith Head was the most fabulous fashion designer in Hollywood; she was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Famed Hollywood fashion designer Edith Head (in brilliant glasses) with a fluffy cat, and darling person Betty White. So cute!

Two cool cats!

vintage morris the cat commercials - Love Barry too!

Kim Novak and her Siamese familiar, Pyewacket from Bell, Book, and Candle (1958)

Kim Novak Bell, Book, and Candle 1958 ~ Pyewacket was realy Kim Novack's pet cat with the same name.

Pyewacket actor cat with Jimmy Stewart 1958

Pyewacket the Siamese cat from the movie Bell Book and Candle and co-star James Stewart.

James Mason (Yorkshire, Reino Unido, 15 de mayo de 1909 – Lausana, Suiza, 27 de julio de 1984) En 1949 debutó en su primera película en Hollywood, Atrapados (Caught, 1948) y a partir de entonces protagonizó muchos largometrajes y espectáculos televisivos. Nominado en tres ocasiones para el Oscar nunca ganó ninguno.

James Mason and his seal point Siamese. I have noticed a recurring theme with the men and their Siamese, they like to perch them on their shoulders for photos!