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And ppl wonder why I love gamzee

Homestuck - Matryoshka Gamzee Makara {Request for Tyrano} Minecraft Skin

Good ship, best friends.

Good ship, best friends.

Everyone forgets that these two were actually really close :/

ok yah . wwhy the glubbin fuck does evvery one ignore these . is beautiful as shit fucks . still ganna fuckin exist no matter wwhat

dirk is the queen? but he's a prince too. eh royalty's always awkwardly inbred anyway

dirk is the queen? eh royalty's always awkwardly inbred anyway. I'm sorry but I see bro strider and dirk strider as different people and that is bro strider

Don't look at me like that, Gamzee Makara.

Don't look at me like that, Gamzee Makara.<<< Oh yes, look at me like that Gamzee!

HONKHONKHONKHONKHONKHONK!!!- Homestuck hey Gamzee did we take our CHILL THE FUCK OUT pill today? Can we do that? Have a snickers bro. You're scary.

Wallpaper and background photos of Homestuck GIF Overload! for fans of Homestuck Trolls images.

grand highblood - Google Search

The Grand Highblood, Gamzee, and Kurloz; the Makara Family