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Books and its fans. what about LotR I want to go to Rivendell, and see the elves mister Frodo

Books and its fans

I'm a Harry Potter fan and I ALWAYS wanted to go to Hogwarts. I'm a Percy Jackson fan and I always wanted to go to the Camp Half-Blood. I'm a Hunger Games fan and I . I'm fine.

Jennifer Lawrence trolling an interviewer… #jenniferlawrence #hungergames #katniss

Jennifer Lawrence trolling an interviewer…

This girl his hilarious! And she's from Louisville! That's right, Louisville is awesome :) - Lol! I love her answers.


I love Hunger Games and i do share it more often . Here are some most Inspiring , Motivating, and some really touching Hunger Games Quotes, Be su…

The biggest Agenda 20 programming of all.  Shows the starving decimation of our country, and the global elite living in strong technical city (probably Denver) Scary stuff

30 hunger game quotes katniss

Reading has never really been joyful for me. The Hunger Games was one of the good movies that made me want to read more. Watching the movie and reading the book is two different things. I saw how much more detail you get when reading.

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"My nightmares are usually about losing you. I’m okay once I realize you’re here." ― Peeta, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (I can't remember if they put this in the movie or not but it is still wonderful.


Katniss and her daughter. My heart is torn and healed at the same time<< mine too,so. I love katniss so much and the fact that she called her daughter willow just makes it so much more sad

Why Peeta is the best

Next time someone says Peeta Mellark is a weakling that doesn& do anything. (they have death in store)

Slow down there...

I like Tris a lot better than Katniss. Divergent is soooo much better than The Hunger Games. Books and Movie!

The Hunger Games. THE FEELS!!!

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The child that died. The mother that tried. The father's last ride. The one that survived << it should be the mother that cried


Jennifer Lawrence And Josh Hutcherson Are Soulmates… No Questions Asked. Meant to be people. Meant to be!