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Anoter Old Photo Going through all of my screen shots xx

Zoe Sugg, Tyler Oakley, and Alfie Deyes

the ones i reconizw are: Pewds, iisuperwomanii, dan and phil, Miranda, Tyler Oakley, Louise, Jenna Marbles, Zoella, Joe, Ian, and Hannah

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Zoella , Joe Sugg, Miranda Sings, Tyler Oakley, Sprinkle Of Glitter-my favorite people <3 look at them they are so nice together as friends

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Connor franta, Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg, Louis cole, Jim chapman, niomi smart, Marcus butler, joe Sugg, Alfie deyes, and Troye Sivan.

With Conor Franta, Fun for Louis, Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler etc.

There are so many YouTubers that I recognise... Dan and Phil, troye Sivan, Connor franta, kian lawley, jc caylen, Hannah hart, grace helbig, Mamrie hart, joe sugg, Alfie deyes, sprinkleofglittr (and Tyler Oakley obviously)

Let's play spot dan and phil

I remeber in Joeys book he talked about his learning disabilitie. When he was a kid he kept eating lead paint chips from their deck. He ate at least 6x the amount of lead that

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Jacksgap, zoella, Joey graceffa, joe sugg, Tyler Oakley, Dan and Phil, fun for Louis, Tanya burr, Jim chapman, Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee, Marcus butler, Alfie Deys, Louise, and Fleur!

I like this a lot? Drawing idea maybe?

Like if you know who this is without needing a face.

All of Tyler Oakley's Hair colors. Most likely he has to use a lot of product, but somehow his hair has survived mulitple bright hair colors, re-roots (and probably bleaches) and it still looks good.

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AmazingPhil, Tyler Oakley, and danisnotonfire

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