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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Walking Dead, Supernatural

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Bisou “I was walking in Venice Beach and some kids had two litters of puppies, 2-3 days old, in a box. She was at the very bottom and couldn’t open her eyes yet. They said ‘gimme 300 dollars!’ and I was like ‘I got 20 bucks on me. Give me the one that’s not gonna make it through the day.’  I took her to the vet and he was like ‘I don’t know, man. She’s too young, she shouldn’t be away from her mom.’ So I bottle-fed her for a month and 12 years later, here she is.”

15 Celebrity Dog Dads You Would Ditch Your Date For This Valentines Day

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his hand raised Bisou. and drool).He rescued her only 1 days old!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - I am both terrified and turned out when this silver fox is on the screen. TWD

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Walt Benegan - visual inspiration for bestselling author Angela M. Shrum's upcoming novel, A Burst of Flames (Flares)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor

Jeffrey Dean Morgan sitting backwards on a motorcycle in Brazil is everything!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

orotundmutt: “ Jeffrey Dean Morgan by John Russo for Esquire México & Latin America ”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan