Shadowhunters. <3 just realized gabriel & gideon aren't included=(

Shadowhunters, mundanes, warlocks, vampires, werefols from TMI and TID

I believe in shadowhunters!

Psh sill mundanes believe in shadowhunter a I AM a shodowhunter

Think of how many of them have died... OVER HALF!!!

the same person? Plus he thinks he's a Wayland the bigger part of the series. Also, Tessa Gray isn't from the Mortal Instruments. She's from the Infernal Devices, so including her is irrelevant.

Idris Brasil

New City of Bones cover art. I like it better than the original one, but I hate the font and style of the title with the art together

Will Herondale and James Cairstairs.....I mean Brother Zachariah

and Gabriel too I guess since will broke his leg. <~ no but I feel bad for laughing so f*cking hard at this xD


The Mortal Instruments: Jokes, Quotes and Other Stuff. ♥<<<beleive me i love tmi but have you seen the Percy Jackson love triangle?

Herondales and Lightwoods

The Mortal Instruments; It's even more hilarious when Magnus says. "I pay no attention to lightwoods." Haha you just wait you will in 200 years. Black hair and blue eyes is your favorite combination *Alec*

Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale

laura on