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For my next birthday!

The notorious ninja cake! Hilarious photo of a cake that is disguised as asparagus! Keep your cake safe by creating a Ninja Cake!

Scrolling down I'm thinking wow great cakes. Awesome. Love it. Got to the bottom and actually lol'd.

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Amazing birthday cakes <<<the last one is so sweet! Just what my cousin told me not too long ago!

The 26 Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!

The 26 Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!

and 26 are funny! Here Are 26 Of The Best April Fools Pranks Ive Ever Seen. Some Are Just Evil!

Someone painted a section of this tree to make it look like it is missing. OK, Im impressed

OK, I’m impressed (45 Photos)

[German artists Daniel Siering and Mario Shu painted a section of a tree to make it look like it's missing.] That is just awesome! This reminds me of MineCraft trees!

funny tumblr comments

The mini bowl of macaroni and cheese ring is quite literally what it sounds like, a tiny little bowl of mac n' cheese that sits atop a ring for your wearing pleasure, and is perfect for anyone that co.

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This could be a fun science fair project someday :) Ants stomachs are transparent. a woman noticed it when ants drank/ate spilled milk one day so she gave them some colorful candy and then photographed them!

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They should have one of these in every spanish classroom. Hipster Llama Quote Poster Print: Como te llama(s)


Funny pictures about Chocolate Heaven In A Bowl. Oh, and cool pics about Chocolate Heaven In A Bowl. Also, Chocolate Heaven In A Bowl photos.