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Escena 0 - Londres - ère victorienne

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"Ready to start a rebellion, kid?" The world has been under a dictatorship like ruling. All forms of creativity have been banned, and anyone caught will be executed. Our job is to ignite the revolution in the mass of the country, starting with our squadron of rebels. -Tsun

Gikusu, published a special voice of "cocktail Prince (cocktail Prince)" 4 new…

ichimatsu                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Anime picture with osomatsu-san matsuno ichimatsu aokamei single tall image short hair looking at viewer simple background fringe purple eyes sitting purple hair grey hair between eyes formal male flower (flowers) petals socks bowtie

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Juvia is so beautiful. I think that she's the most beautiful of all of the Fairy tail girls