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Natal, a Brazilian Warmblood imported to the USA. He has Reverse or White Brindle coloring. Most brindle horses have dark stripes on a lighter body color, but a rare few have white stripes on a dark body color. - from whitehorseproductions

These horses with the curly coat are a rare and beautiful breed with a wonderful disposition that makes them great beginner horses. They are not just Curly Horses, but the curly coat is also hypoallergenic. People who suffer from horse allergies react very little, if at all, to the Curly Horse.

A Curly is a breed of horse. Curlies, also called Bashkir Curlies, American Bashkir Curlies, and North American Curly Horses. I always thought Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear!

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Splash overo, miniature horse stallion named Roko Lotto Splash Of Perfection

Most Beautiful Horse in the World | the most beautiful horses

Horse back riding is like my thing know BTW if you do gorse back riding like me and the horse does not trust you just put tour hand in front of them and let them get closer to you and then it will trust you like your mom or dad does