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Kanzi the bonobo developed the skills of a Boy Scout—he can start campfires and cook his own dinner.

Dusky Leaf Monkey (Langur)

Trachypithecus: Dusky Leaf Monkeys / Dusky Langurs (by kajornyot krunkitsatien on

Photo d'orangs-outans à Bali (Indonésie)

Photo of the Day: Orangutan in the RainPhoto by Andrew Suryono (Surabaya, Indonesia); Bali, IndonesiaSubmit to our Annual Photo Contest, open now!

Albino gorilla | partial albino chimpanzee or bonobo albino gorilla the famous snow ...

Partial albino chimpanzee (or bonobo ?) Albino Gorilla, the famous Snow Flake. Albino Bactrian Came.

Clever Classroom: Smile Break Ideas for your Classroom

Bonobo monkeys - playing airplane I guess all of God's children like to play airplane!


Seeing an animal smile or laugh truly tells me that God has a great sense of humor.

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The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose of as we please. We have it in trust, and must account for it to those who come after. - King George VI

Piggy back,Awww (by Official San Diego Zoo). Loved the San Diego Zoo

Gelada Baboon

Death stare by Steve Mackay, Gelada Baboon, Howletts Zoo in Kent, UK

Baby Gorilla.

Nine month old gorilla Monroe plays at the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. Monroe is the first gorilla to be born at the park in a decade.