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1992 Earring Magic Barbie (bn) by StanleytheBarbieman, via Flickr

1992 Earring Magic Barbie - totally forgot I had this one and loved it - unit her head broke off ?

Rollerblading Barbie...Another of The Few Barbies I Had & Actually Liked!

Barbie Rollerblade I remember these had a lighter starter so it looked like a spark in the skates and got recalled so it "wouldn't catch on fire" kids nowadays are to fragile they never will kno the danger of a Barbie skate

Wet n' Wild Barbie.  Loved her bathing suit (the colors) maybe that's why i still love orange and pink as an adult..

Wet n' Wild Barbie. Her bathing suit turned colors when it got wet.

Highland Fling Barbie Doll

Highland Fling™Barbie® Doll The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection launches its own British Invasion — beginning with Highland Fling™ Barbie® doll. Perfect for sleeping or relaxing, the terrific.

Muñecas barbies 3

Barbie - Rapunzel----I remember this doll. you could gently tug down her hair to make it go a bit longer.

1992 Earring Magic Barbie & Earring Magic Midge. Not 100% sure if we had these or not but I remember the earrings were also charms for a bracelet.

>> 1992 Earring Magic Barbie & Earring Magic Midge I had the pink one!