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No music no life.

Music quotes as art: "Music is love in search of a word." "We are the Music Makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." "Music, the beautiful disturber of air.

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Treble Clef Vintage Music Clock by Neltempo: Genuine vintage music mounted onto birch plywood & cut using laser technology. An amazing clock!

♫ I love to sing in the car!

♫ I love to sing in the car!

Clave de Sol

Everyone has their favorite music or song - one that seems to be a reflection of their life, or that tells part of their story. If you had to choose a song to tell your story, what song would you choose?

Here's a recap of my week: whatwouldpamsay.b...      6. something i can't travel without #EsuranceDreamRoadTrip

Paul Villinski, or how a beer can reincarnates into a butterfly

cello and butterflies solo cool i love it! especially since i play the cello. This is what I've decided to do to that old broken cello out in the garage, and possibly the violin too.