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The House of Tudor, 1485 - 1603

The Royal House of Tudor created the Golden Age of England. Search this pre British royal family tree for detailed descriptions of it's royal members

Jonathan Rhys Meyers ~ he played Valentine in COB, did you know his real name was Jonathan? Haha...irony

Jonathan Rhys Meyers eyes appear to see right through you

Jonathan Rhys Meyers...I just got lost for like twenty minutes in those eyes aaaahhhhh :)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - not sure what's going on in Cork, Ireland to produce such hooties. Cillian Murphy is from Cork as well.

A little smile changes the world, but a good laugh should be enjoyed by all.

A little smile changes the world, but a good laugh should be enjoyed by all.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (born Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keeffe; 27 July 1977) is an Irish actor and model. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Hybrid Hottie: Photo Jonathan Rhys Meyers leaves his hotel and hops into his Mercedes-Benz hybrid in Los Angeles last week.


In between running the country and ramping up re-election his campaign, President Barack Obama made a Spotify playlist. Well, okay, his campaign team did, with


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Hugh Laurie will always be Dr. House to many, but the guy is multi-talented: can sing, play multiple instruments, and is a published author.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - Fan-Album

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers - Fan-Album

Marlow Lou: ALL YOU NEED IS....

It's so easy to forget to breathe sometimes. With everything happening at once, life can get very overwhelming. It is essential to take a step back, breathe and remember the One who holds your life in His hands.