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Rifle model and first time using substance painter

Rifle model and first time using substance painter

Whiskey Tango Firearms Deadpool Colt 1911

viciouscustoms: “(via Whiskey Tango Firearms Deadpool Colt 1911

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This is an It is lightweight, magazine-fed, gas-operated, and semi-automatic rifle. This is usually used by select Law Enforcement Officers ( LEO ) who are usually on action.


Ideas for props for Hunter Outfit Various Calvan rifles after restoration. The top one could be an archeotech rifle.


Eden is a sharp shooter, a sniper. The longest she's ever shot and hit a target is 3 miles. But she doesn't make a huge deal out of it. (It's a huge deal) And she almost never misses a shot

H&k G36 Assault Rifle Variants

H&k Assault Rifle Variants. The is probably one of my favorite rifles of all time

ArtStation - Weapon Props Concepts, Daniel Comerci

Laser weapons: disguised as cameras and lenses because of the ongoing police of our planet's campaign.

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Ammo and Gun Collector: The Big Boys Big Game Rifle Cartridges

5.5" 9mm QC10 GSF build, TiRant 45 tri lug

LWRC ULTRA COMPACT STOCK ON SBR - --- --- --- Don't care what you say you will never will me over to a forearm pistol grip. had something with a forearm pistol grip one time it just got in the way and the frustrating thing was it was nonremovable.