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Whiskey Tango Firearms Deadpool Colt 1911

viciouscustoms: “(via Whiskey Tango Firearms Deadpool Colt 1911

Knife is the life !!  https://survival-knife.co.uk

Knife A knife dipped in kryptonite Magick Ritual Sacred Tools: Crystal Athame, from Biddleboon's Magick Shop.

Dear god, have we ever been OK with not sitting around thinking up new ways of killing each other?

Everybody gets a meme

5.5" 9mm QC10 GSF build, TiRant 45 tri lug

LWRC ULTRA COMPACT STOCK ON SBR - --- --- --- Don't care what you say you will never will me over to a forearm pistol grip. had something with a forearm pistol grip one time it just got in the way and the frustrating thing was it was nonremovable.

hellcattactical:   #HellCat_guns #gun #pistol... - badazz gear

ALG Twin Glock Twin suppressors, always prefer to work quietly.

Great idea! You can change the cover without having to get out the staple gun and recover the headboard!

"hangover" style headboard slipcover but include side gussets that wrap around and velcro to back to secure i place

Kim Thittichai- cellophane , hand painting and heat gun

Kim's Hot Textiles: Extreme Surfaces for Stitch - West Dean College July 17 - 20 Everything you can do with Tyvec you can do with cellophane. Use some of the rolls you bought from Steve Johnstone.