Spray pumpkin w black spray paint and then scratch off your design! BRILLIANT!

Spray-paint the rind a matte black and let dry. Use a spoon handle to scratch away paint to create stars, moons, and spirals. Add water and blooms. (via Pumpkin Decorating - No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas - Good Housekeeping )

wow!  what a little house

House Pumpkin: Kim Ludwiczak and Renee Wisniewski of Livonia and Madison Heights, MI, added gourd-and-berry window boxes. Read more: Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Pumpkin Carving Designs and Pictures - Good Housekeeping . THEY'RE LIKE FAIRY GARDENS!

Halloween center piece

Jack-o'-Lantern Flower Vase - Carve a friendly, smiling face into a white pumpkin. Cut the stems of a bouquet of seasonal flowers and arrange in a small vase. Set the vase inside the carved pumpkin.

Fall Decorating Ideas - LOTS of cute stuff here!

Fall Decorating Ideas {2011

i love the painted argyle pumpkins on the candle stick. Also love the ric rac black ribbon on the white pumpkins. 12 great ways to decorate with pumpkins.

witch,too cute. this isn't a witch.it's a cute little scarecrow pumpkin head just chewin' him some straw.

This craft is so simple, it's frightening.

60+ Enchanting Halloween Decorating Ideas

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Spray paint pumpkins with glossy black paint to create cats.totally doing this next year

Lush Fab Glam: Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas and Party Recipes!

of 79 > Pumpkin Party Cooler You don't need a fairy godmother to turn a pumpkin into an ice bucket. How to Make the Pumpkin Party Cooler


Masking tape mosaic pumpkin -- Cut up pieces of masking tape, stick them on your pumpkin, spray paint your pumpkin black. Let dry, then peel the masking tape off.

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Forget the traditional jack o' lantern and try a contemporary pumpkin carving idea this Halloween! Turn to our collection of cool pumpkin carving ideas, including cocktail-inspired pumpkins, a pumpkin bonfire, and a batty belfry.