Isetan department store windows Tokyo 02 Isetan department store windows, Tokyo

Azuma’s Collapsible Leaves uses real leaves woven into numerous green wall paintings and organically shaped vertical gardens, transforming the retail interior into a verdant planted art installation.

現代にも通じる苔の魅力とは? 苔(コケ)と聞いてどんなイメージを持つでしょうか?京都などの寺社に見られるような…nice use of moss

現代にも通じる苔の魅力とは? 苔(コケ)と聞いてどんなイメージを持つでしょうか?京都などの寺社に見られるような…nice use of moss

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This Plant Artwork Combines Consumerism and Wildlife. Flower artist Makoto Azuma’s Art of Plants installation in Japan’s Isetan Department stor

Visual merchandising

spring is coming, flowers and camping tools in a gentle lighting to creat a feeling of camping outdoors, and people are enjoying the nature maybe having party.

ISETAN dept. store ad   AMKK(東 信、花樹研究所). plant ornament by Makoto AZUMA

Isetan department store has a very interesting plant arrangement,making it unclear where the plant ends and the human begins.

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Awesome Signage Design

Paint Drips could be colourful and fun as a store front. Can't get enough of Anthropologie store fronts!