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You be Health...

I had to go back and watch this part soooo many times. I just loved it so much.--- "You be health, I'll be safety" ;

"Don't play games with me." Said by 10 & 11 very differently. #DoctorWho

"Don't play games with me." This is why i cry every time 11 is sad, and not every time 10 is sad

I LOVED having Donna's grandfather in the episodes, I thought he was great! <=Until the very end. I have mixed feelings about Wilfred in the end. I hate him because Ten couldnt help not helping him but at the same time I cant really hate him because it wasnt really his fault either.

"I love the dynamic between the Doctor and Wilf. Wilf sees him as a young man, maybe a nephew or grandson, but the Doctor sees Wilf the same way.

Would You Like to Be My Companion?

the dream of any nerdy fan girl. To bad this part of the episode was really sad.

River Song, married to the Doctor, but has no idea because she is still technically Melody Pond, but she's actually Amy's best friend "Mels". This episode was so awesome. She was three people all at once...

River Song

I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, 'Gosh. The Third Reich's a bit rubbish. I think I'll kill the Führer." Oh, River.


"Really loved it when Amy pointed all this out. She knows him well. And realizes the inevitability of the Doctor fixing their relationship one way or another." This scene made me so sad for Amy and Rory

Oh, Eccleston. I LOVE YOU!! You're in my heart!

Oh, Eccleston. I LOVE YOU! You're in my heart!<<<< He was my first doctor,and I Love him! I love his sass and personality! And it's amazing that Eccleston made me like him so much even though he had such a short time as the doctor.

The ninth doctor was my first and I will always love him for the swaggering gent that he is.

Any love for the Ninth Doctor?

One of my favorite lines from Nine. And I want to find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean, a specific one. I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving.

Ohms!  They thought about the wardrobe for the next doctor! River oh my!

River and her Doctor. Doctor Who. She reaches out to straighten his bow tie and it's not there. It's The Doctor but not Her Doctor. (The amazing thing is, I don't know if they had even planned for Eleven to have a bow tie yet.

@Megan Ward Coram, It is magical!

David Tennant's hair is the BEST out of all the doctors in my opinion. <---- David Tennant's hair is the best out everyone's.


Rewatching season 5 after Angels Take Manhattan. River seeing Rory before Demons Run, she got to see her daddy again. That and she was just born at Demons Run. It's her birthday.

Pretty much an exact definition of mine & Nina's treehouse, actually.

Utopia is. Every human know of Utopia. Bit of a hermit. A hermit with friends? We meet up, every ten years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a hermit.

The Doctor's Companions; what fairytale girl they're most like. This is perfect. I had always thought of Amy and 11 as Wendy and Peter Pan! <3

Doctor Who companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, and Clara Oswin Oswald compared to classic fairy tale characters

The Freema Agyeman thing bothers me so much. And I knew that was Karen Gillan in The Fires of Pompeii! Do they just cast extras and when they like them, they make them the Doctor's next companion or something?

I love how having a small role on Doctor Who doesn't prevent you from getting a larger one later. Oh and don't forget, that Roman father guy in that Pompeii episode what was his name was played by Peter Capaldi, later to become the Twelfth Doctor

Lol we all now that they are all of Ares fave doctors !! Admit it lol, or do not....idc

Reaction of 10 , 11 and 12 to learning they would be the next Doctor. Matt's reaction is SO Matt! I love Capaldi's reaction!