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spacefall: “ I used one of my art challenge days to finish this off. Holmes treats Watson to a relaxing evening after a long day’s doctoring and detecting.

Sherlock On Tumblr #35

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Sherlock On Tumblr #11 Ok, so I recently read something about Keanu Reeves being up for a 4th Matrix movie, and I love him, but Ben in that coat, with those sunglasses? I see Neo and I LIKE it.

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Polite murderers and polite consulting detectives are only found in Britain.

Manners, Brits have them. (or at least properly brought up people have them, no idea what happened to Moriarty)<<< nono moriarty is fine, it's magnuessan that needs manners.

Brother -Sister

Sherlock and Eurus playing violin together is one of my favourite things ever. So beautiful.


This is how I choose to imagine Benedict Cumberbatch talking to his own child!

Vector Illustration by Windmaedchen.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

windmaedchen: “I present: some more vector art. This time an Illustration with description.

STOP IT!!! Oh stop, my heart hurts sooooooo bad right now!! How am I even still alive!!? Stoppppppppp!! X"O

Tortured in various ways, Sherlock did everything for John but John doesn't see that

Mycroft(16)and his little brother     keyboard mash     LOOK AT THE CUTE    Nobody could be that adorable!    You could.

I have a feeling that Mycroft was more heartfelt then we are made to believe.<---Your loss would break my heart.