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Back of amy's star baby blanket.
❤️❤️❤️ fav no sew braided fleece blanket!
Child sized no sew fleece sleeping bag. I used 1.5 yards of material for both. Fold design for outer shell in half and cut length wise. Do same with inner color but set aside 1/2 as you only need 1/2 of it. Fold down top piece of outer layer (about 10-12 inches) and cut so you don't have 4 pieces to tie together. Then cut and tie together as you would with other tie blankets.
Blanket for mom. Super soft one layer of fleece with satin binding.
How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket (W/out Bulky Knots)
DIY Coral Reef prop/party décor! Things you'll need: Large cardboard/wood surface - lined with wax paper Wood dowels Can of spray foam Spray paint  What you do: Place wood dowel on wax paper and secure with tape. Use spray foam to create organic free flowing motions that resemble coral. Note: Foam will expand so don't spray too much in one area. Let dry overnight. Carefully peel off wax paper. Then spray paint.
Star baby wrap
Another star baby wrap. Slightly different design. Will probably add "laces" to hold the front together.