Choose from any Animal Crossing New Leaf Villager NPC - Phone/ 3DS charm, Handmade to Order on Etsy, $11.43

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The baby from Labyrinth recreated the film's Magic Dance as his own special David Bowie tribute

Labyrinth baby recreates the film's Magic Dance as his own David Bowie tribute

When you catch yourself watching people who are reading to see if their lips are moving. This was a huge pet peeve of a reading specialist I worked with one year ;) And after a year of working in the same small room (closet, really lol) with our small groups, I could not shake this.

16 Signs you are a Reading Teacher

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Path and flower bed QR codes

A stone path and flower beds! (these are not my designs)

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matty heally wearing his own band shirt tucked into his dad jeans. Still hotter than yer boyfran