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Central African Republic - OUBANGUI CHARI , Bangui , Chasseur Pygmé , *4486

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According to many Hindu mythologies and legends, the self-renewing banyan tree is considered as a symbol of immortality. #IndianCulture

Father, Help me plant a Great Banyan Tree Church Plant; a plant that spreads every day; a single church plant that becomes a forest of mature churches!

BBC Nature - Burrowing mammals: Who lives in a hole like this?

How to identify burrowing mammal holes

Sometimes little guys can cause big, big problems! Here is how to get rid of burrowing critters with dish soap. How to Get Rid of Ground Moles With Dawn Soap

Muscovy Duck - Kent, WA

Muscovy Duck - Kent, WA

Avispa en su nido. National Geographic.

Wasps invented paper long before the first human thought to put his thoughts down on a sheet of papyrus.

Africa | 'Breaking the Banks'.  Crocodile, Okovango River, Botswana |  © Hendri Venter

'Breaking the Banks', Okovango River, Botswana - West African or desert crocodile (Crocodylus suchus) is a species of crocodile related to – and often confused with – the Nile crocodile (C.

crocodile, jaws and teeth, on land and in the water

Deadliest Animals

Deadliest Animals - These are the animals you don't want to come across in the dark, or in the ocean or when they are angry or hungry.