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Today is World Turtle Day! I collected some gifs in celebration. We have to admit turtles are freaking awesome. Do you have a pet turtle? If you don't would you like to learn more about owning a turtle?

Slaves in South Africa, History of Slavery in South Africa

The history of slavery in South Africa began with the slaves in South Africa ’s Cape Colony imported by the first Dutch settlers.

Jane Goodall, what an amazing woman and friend/champion of the Apes

Jane Goodall, one of my heroes, being groomed by Gregoire, a chimp who had been alone in a concrete cage in the Brazzaville zoo since I admire her so - She has truly made a difference in the world.

More Tabitha

"Ohh Myyy, Good Golly Miss Molly, Surely This is Not Official". (Imagine it being said fast with a british accent) Hahaha!

nomos XXV

organic evolution as driven by ecological factors and as expressed in terms of the Implicate and Explicate Orders.

Central African Republic - OUBANGUI CHARI , Bangui , Chasseur Pygmé , *4486

sarlan sells an item at a starting price of until Sunday, 9 October 2016 CEST in the Central African Republic category on Delcampe

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Image result for congo masks