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Everyones making cool theories about the paint, but tbh I think he does it to make it look like he has a jawline

Dark Tyler light Tyler little ball of sound happy Tyler rock Tyler it's called ukulele screamo and it's art

All Time Low, Alex.

Panic attacks are awful. It feels like your whole world is spinning and you're about to die. It's inside your head and you cant escape.turst me

It's true.v_v Stay strong to those who feel like they aren't worth living anymore.

Andy Black // "Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse, suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better.

Go All Time Low! Maybe if they did that before he would be wound up in everything that he is in now. Lol

And ladies and gents, this is why All Time Low is way better than Justin Bieber. ← I don't even like ATL that much but this is awesome.

Well if we're gonna go technical here...ALL of you are good looking! Hands down

Don't tell Alex <<< Rian kinda just looks like he doesn't care if Alex finds out