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I'm in love with you...it's not just a little crush, it's not some silly infatuation, it's not some phase I'm going through (neon, braces, and leg warmers were a phase, not a pretty one but such is life - this is not a phase!)...I genuinely and truly love you with all of my heart and soul...
Photo idea with bridal party
One Day We'll be happy Sweetheart. I don't want to hurt You. I've never wanted to hurt You. I've went so far out of My Way not to
5 Fun Holiday Engagement Session Ideas | Fizara DIY Photo Albums
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Any man that truly wants to be with you will not only desire you sexually, but emotionally as well. He will want to spend time with you and will make every effort to do so. However, men are wired completely differently than women, so they might need a little prodding.