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Swaying Hips by Kay-double-O-Zii.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt --- An actual banter in the game

Alistair get dat booty. Wynne is a troll Love Alistair, love Wynne. Dragon Age Origins banter is fantastic. I'm thinking of doing Shale and Zevran at some point. How does one draw han.<<<<<<<<Best conversation ever

DAI - Peeping Janes by aimo.deviantart.com on @deviantART.  Sera is going to be my Bestie I just know it

*casually drops another Dragon Age Inquisition fan comic before attending to last bits of packing* DAI - Peeping Janes

cullen rutherford fanart - Google Search

Dragon Age Strips: Just another day in Skyhold by eisu on DeviantArt (ALL THE TIME. my Trevelyan takes a suicide jump off of the bridge to Cullen's office down to the merchants when she's done 'talking' to him. she might be sending a bad signal.