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Ear Cushion Attachment

Giant Ear Cushion for iPhone. I wish you could actually buy this!

Talk about one-stop shopping - combo refrigerator/stove/sink #HomeAppliancesAdvertising

Talk about one-stop shopping - combo refrigerator/stove/sink #HomeAppliancesAdvertising

Philips wake-up light with ipod doc

Philips Wake-Up Light Review

Philips Wake-Up Light (Lamp, iPod Dock alarm clock in one)

portable reel to reel....you know you had one =).

GE Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. I remember the micro phone--but I believe the recorder was a bit different.

Make a recharge station with dollar store office supplies

27 DIY Charging Station Ideas to Make More Tidy Cables

Dimple Machines  High-tech inventions to improve your appearance have been around forever, but one of the weirdest is Isabelle Gilbert’s dimple machine, which hit the market in 1936. For ladies who just couldn’t live without those two little divots in their faces, this machine—which consisted of spring-loaded knobs that pushed into the cheeks—was a lifesaver. Unfortunately for the inventor, the dimple fad didn’t last too long, and wearing the contraption was incredibly uncomfortable.

Woman Invents Dimple Machine (Oct, “ Woman Invents Dimple Machine DIMPLES are now made to order! These aids to beauty can be produced as the result of a new invention by Isabella Gilbert of.

vibra-finger.jpg (716×372)

Vintage Fridge Magnet Dental Massage Finger Vibrator Ad-Recommend Daily Use Increase Circulation

If you don't have a Vibra Finger, your gums will suffer dearly. For "Daily Gum Massage".

Phoneballs via @Incredible Things


Perhaps you've always wanted an extra pair of testes in your pocket. How do you know if you've got a boy phone or a girl phone? Give it a couple of test-tickles! See, that joke was about as funny as phone-balls.

Mix Tape USB Drive #Cassette, #Drive, #USB

Mixtape USB Drive by SUCK UK // place inside the tape-style gift pack, write your own playlist and/or messages (just like you used to) De Groof