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So ashamed!

SOCIAL HUMOR: "If someone from the suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today?

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I'm bi, can't cook well, wear jeans and combat boots every day, my bra straps show, i have IDEAS😱😱😱

When patriarchy defines women, we lose the ability to build our own identities.

I really thought we were way past this, I never dreamed of a democracy that would throw women under the bus so radically!

Topper comic - my granddad used to buy this for me

Here's another helping of free gifts that were given away in British comics of the past.

21 Funny 1950s Sarcastic Housewife Memes ~ Humor is never vintage

21 Funny 1950s Sarcastic Housewife Memes ~ Humor for the Ages

He asked me why the house isn't clean since I'm home all day. I asked him why we aren't rich since he works all day. This is too funny. Work is absolutely horrible. please calm me.

Don't tell a girl period cramps can't be that bad. But also can we stop scaring each other about childbirth? Actually birthing doesn't have to be painful. MALE DRs decided in the 1950s that all women should be hospitalised, even for normal births that women had been managing at home for millennia. They took the power & knowledge away from women and scared us into thinking we need them! We don't! You Are Not A Lemon! You Can Birth Your Baby Without Medical Interventions & Harmful Drugs. It's…

Don't tell a girl period cramps can't be that bad << exactly,women feel a fraction of childbirth every month for a week until they are forty something to fifty something

Know the feeling

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