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“What matters most is not who is sitting in the White House, but "who is sitting in" -- and who is marching outside the White House, pushing for change.”  ― Howard Zinn #stillsanders

“What matters most is not who is sitting in the White House, but "who is sitting in" -- and who is marching outside the White House, pushing for change.

Bernie Sanders: This country does, in fact, have a serious deficit problem. But the reality is that the deficit was caused by 2 wars - unpaid for. It was caused by huge tax breaks 4 the wealthiest people in this country. It was caused by a recession as a result of the greed, recklessness & illegal behavior on Wall St. And if those are the causes of the deficit, then I will be damned if we're going to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the sick, the children & the poor. That's…

Republican leaders racked up the deficit through unpaid-for wars and tax breaks for the rich and big business while sticking it to everyone else. No thanks, Republicans! Vote Bernie in

Vote Bernie Sanders for President! For more information on Bernie Sanders  -->   FeelTheBern.org berniesanders.com sanders.senate.gov ilikeberniebut.com Are you in a closed primary election state? Change your party registration to democrat to be able to vote for Bernie in the primary elections! Voteforbernie.org http://www.fairvote.org/primary_voting_at_age_17 #WeAreBernie @BernieSanders

Greedy men like Trump kept wages so low that the average working-class family must apply for government assistance to feed their children

Power of the people is STRONGER when we choose to use it. Good so many are starting to own that and take action.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. - Image quote by Sayings

How to #FeelTheBern beyond the primaries

What's Next For Bernie Supporters?

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Donald "Billionaire Birther" Trump, Uncle Ben Carson, RNC Lies, GOP Memes & 2016 Election Cartoons - @MoneyTrain, FuTurXTV  & Funk Gumbo Radio: http://about.me/funkgumboradio

“ torisoulphoenix: “ liberalsarecool: “ Bernie calling out Republican obsession with race and privilege. ” Go ‘head, Uncle Bernie!

Dammmmmn Bernie, back at it again with being on the right side of history.

Newly Discovered Image by the Chicago Reader of Bernie Sanders Chained to Protesters

Wouldn't be amazing for a man with a real heart instead of a wallet was elected President of the USA! That would be the first time since JFK! Sadly, with all the wing-nut gun crazy lunatics in the USA, Burnie would probably end up the same way as JFK. *sigh*

Please come and run our country Bernie Sanders! from a disillusioned English woman.