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A girl went down to the river   To see what she could see. The tadpoles were swimming, And she met a bumblebee. He had lit upon a flower The color of the sun. If he didn’t have black stripes,…

The Bumblebee’s Delight.

Jehovah God has provided all things even our beautiful bees to pollinate our plants

Photo by henriettaharris

I've wanted a bee tattoo since I was in high school, like before I even had any tattoos. the honey bee has a special meaning to me

'Bug Ball Topiary Tree' from Wildlife Gadgetman (",)

How to build a Bug Hotel :: Garden activities for curious kids

Using wire hanging baskets create a 'bug ball topiary tree' by wildlife gadgetman -- help attract beneficial insects.

Bees are extremely important to our agricultural system. This TED talk explains about one of their greatest threats.

♡ are they not just amazing, wonderful creatures? we would BEE lost without them.

When I stumbled upon my first insect hotel a few years ago, I never knew that there were so many different kinds and looks. I explain the reasoning behind these intriguing insect abodes and I have collected some of my favorite images and resources below.…  Read More»

Dishfunctional Designs: God Save The Pallet! Reclaimed Pallets Revamped- Invertebrate habitat(beneficial insect hotel) So Cool!

Natural history of insects print

10 DIY Awesome and Interesting Ideas For Great Gardens 10

art that fits into virserum frames from ikea - paper source - Cavallini Natural History Insects Wrapping Paper

Bumble bees Bees and Art tattoos on Pinterest

Melissa - Honey Bee in Greek. As my grandmother once asked me as a little girl; "Do you know why you are called Melissa?", "No" I replied, "Because you are a Honey Bee, and Honey Bees never sting anyone, unless they are willing to die for it".