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34 Things You’ll Understand If You Grew Up in the or I don’t miss

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Hunt's Snack Pack pudding ---chocolate was my favorite. A rare treat, but they were great in our lunch boxes.

Rave hairspray. It'll make most of your hair fall out but what's left will never move

Vintage 1980 Rave Ultra Hold Hairspray 7 fl oz Hair Bottle Unused 80 This was the brand my Mom used.


Maybelline Kissing Koolers - Remember this flash back from the

Retro Futurism - The Jetsons book

Retro Futurism

The Jetsons::Meet George Jetson. Jane, his wife. His boy, Elroy.and of course - faithful dog, Astro.

Omg I miss these lip balms

Maybelline Kissing Koolers - I had forgetten about these until now! Holy blast from the past.I had the Watermelon Flavor---ha!

HI-C  juice drinks in cans

Big red drink mustaches everywhere. We were not allowed to have this. My parents were very granola.

Loves's Baby Soft

Love's Baby Soft, was there any girl in the that didn't smell like this stuff. my mom used 2 buy this 4 me in middle school

12938294_10207679869746971_6158606174752962656_n.jpg (960×761)

12938294_10207679869746971_6158606174752962656_n.jpg (960×761)

What ever happened to this?! jam12869

I remember using this as a kid.and I still remember the yucky wet feeling it left under my arms - ugh!

Old gum...yum!!

Chiclets - with the see through window.I luved this gum when I was little!

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faberge organics shampoo, if you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends etc.