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Sarah's Scribbles

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Lol this is so best friends

This Comic Illustrates The True Meaning Of 'Borrow' In A Relationship

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Funny pictures about Male Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Male Vs. Also, Male Vs.

At BYU I had a professor who had us draw with a pen but we were not allowed to pick the pen up off the paper. If we did...we were finished with our drawing. This looks like one of his.

self portrait: good portfolio development to draw in this style from primary source images. Can do layers of continuous line drawings in different pens, coloured pencils. No more that 5 min per drawing

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Girl's Problems And Everyday Lives In Hilariously Honest Comics (By Sarah Andersen)

I don't understand what is happening here. My female "friends" were more likely to giggle under their breath & exchange looks if I said I was ugly. That or try to convince my partner to leave me. I have no luck with females as friends. This causes me great troubles as a feminist.

Funny pictures about Female Friendships. Oh, and cool pics about Female Friendships. Also, Female Friendships photos.