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Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care: Style Gallery : Natural hair care for kids, adoption, and family life.

4 Jamaican Traditional Secrets 4 Longer Natural Hair  1. Coconut milk 2. Jamaican black castor oil (JBCO)  3. Beeswax   4.Hot Oil treatments

4 Jamaican Traditional Secrets for Longer Natural Hair

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If you are a “seasoned” natural then you are familiar with that ugly “s” word —shrinkage!!!  Some women’s hair shrinks a little, while others’ shrinks a lot.  I have a friend whose hair shrinks up to SEVEN inches and she HATES it!    However, I know it can be an annoying problem, so here are a few tips to help minimize shrinkage. #teamnatural #naturalhair

Hate Natural Hair Shrinkage? We Have 7 Ways You Can Beat It

Black hair care tips and tutorials to keep your relaxed, natural or transitioning hair healthy and damage free. Start your healthy hair journey here!

Hi Beauties! Are you still transitioning and can’t figure out for the life of you why your hair is still so coarse?? Are you struggling to retain moisture? All these questions have haunted naturals for…

How to Soften Coarse Natural Hair ACV Rinse Caramel Treatment Recipe Coconut Milk Treatment Recipe

Lets be for honest, curly/coily hair is totally awsome. This pattern can hold hold amazing two-strand twists, bantu-knots, and other great styles, and can be molded into many. Knowingly, our hair is known for its dryness, dullness, and annoying tangling problems. And you wonder, can i change that? Yes, you can! Try these steps to get the maximum benefits of kinky curly-coily hair!

How to Cure Dry and Frizzy Coils

side-braid: Natural Hair Flair: Styling with accent braids

Natural Hair Flair: Styling With Accent Braids

Side braid natural hair styling pictorial: Part a large section in the front. Braid this section. Take the rest of your hair and use a hair tie to secure it into a low ponytail, off to one side.

Natural Hair| How To Cheat A Flexi Rod Set - YouTube

In this video I will be showing you how to cheat a flexi rod set.

Bunning is great for year-round length retention! #protectivestyles #naturalhair

Bunning is great for year round length retention!/ my new go-to protective style.

Natural Hair Flair: Styling with accent braids (DIY) | the LAYER

Natural Hair Flair: Styling With Accent Braids

That's a must! Had a guy tell me he was a 'perm' man. I was like 'Next!!!' Lol (Natural hair)

Do you like my hair? Will you do my hair when I'm not feeling it? If I wear a protective style (weave, braids, wig) are you okay with that? Be honest about it. If you're bae, I wanna know your opinion.