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Beginners Snorkel Safari: Blue spine unicorn fish

Beginners Snorkel Safari: Blue spine unicorn fish

Parrotfish Tidal Tao

Tidal Tao's Disocver (Beginners) Snorkeling Safari is the most popular trip we have to offer, ideal for people of all ages, safe and fun.

Lionfish are beautiful, yes but NOT when they are invasive as they are here in FL http://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/nonnatives/marine-species/lionfish/

Lionfish - the beautiful destroyer of coral reefs. Lion fish are also found in the Red Sea.


'blonde' naso tang (naso elegans) aka orangespine unicornfish, the lipstick tang and the lipstick surgeonfish.

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the problem of Lion Fish in the Caribbean - some solve it by making fish tacos, though there is some concern about the toxin in the fish meat. Interesting nonetheless.


To eat Fugu, poison fish ! These fish are prepared by a master Chef who has studied how to prepare the fugu for 11 years. The liver is very toxic. Not everyone is licensed to serve because fugu is very toxic & there have bee

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Parrot fish are very important for the health of our coral reefs. They are herbivores and act like a lawn mower in the reefs eating algae, preventing it from overgrowing and killing the reefs. via Ocean Defender - Hawaii FB